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You want to become a private or institutional member? You want to support the VFI and be part of the vertical farming movement? You want to gain insight on our latest findings, studies, projects? Become a member – become part of vertical farming!

€ 30 / year

Receive our newsletter, receive special invitations to all university/student related activities and become part of our international students network. We share our vision with students from all over the world already! For each and every VFI event you will receive one free ticket plus free tickets to partners events. For the VFI conference you will get tickets 25% off.
Plus: Each member is invited to consult us freely once per year for any kind of academic questions on vertical farming.

€ 90 / year

Become memeber of the VFI and receive exclusive infos, invitations and contacts within our network. For members there is one special event each year to thank you and update you. For each and every VFI event you will receive two free ticket plus free tickets to partners events.


Same as the regular Membership - but you may choose freely any sum higher than € 200. Aditionally you will be invited once a year to have dinner with the board members. We're expecting the urban population to grow.


Your corportaion wants to become a partner of the VFI? We offer you exclusive infos, invitaions to our and our partners events and close relations to all our board members and network-partners. Once a year you will be invited to be part of an exclusive partner-networt-meeting. We offer different rates according to the nature of your corpration:

NPO / University: € 1000 / year
Start Up: € 1500 / year
Small or Medium Enterprise: € 4000
Big / multinational Enterprise: € 8000


Learn about our studies and findings as very first stakeholder – long before we publish. Become one of our closest partners and develop with us the future of farming! Please contact us on terms and conditions for this very special Intel Membership.

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